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Governor Brown Signs Zero-Emissions Target Bill Into Law
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We were excited to hear that Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 1044 – Oregon’s zero-emission vehicle target bill – into law earlier this week. The bill marks another step forward for Oregon’s climate goals and for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

More than a third of Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, with a majority coming from passenger cars and trucks. ZEVs – which include battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – have no tailpipe emissions.

The new law establishes targets for ZEV adoption in Oregon, aiming for at least 50,000 registered ZEVs by the end of 2020 and 250,000 by 2025. By 2035, we hope to see ZEVs representing at least 90 percent of new vehicle sales. The Oregon Department of Energy is tasked with monitoring these ZEV adoption goals and, if the state is not on target, recommending strategies to the Legislature to bolster ZEV adoption.

The law also requires that all light-duty vehicles owned or leased by the State of Oregon be ZEVs by 2029, and it gives Oregon’s schools the option to use public purpose charge funds to buy electric buses and charging stations.

Ready to help support Oregon’s goals and make the switch? ZEVs offer an average annual savings of about $850 in fuel costs per year, reduced maintenance costs, and potentially lower up-front costs than comparable combustion-engine vehicles due to state, local, and federal tax incentives. Most electric vehicles built today can drive between 150 and 240 miles on a single charge and are supported by hundreds of fast-charging stations throughout the state.

Learn more about electric vehicles at Go Electric Oregon, including available incentives from your local utility, the Department of Environmental Quality’s Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, and more.

Interagency EV Group to Hold Public Meeting May 17
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The Zero Emission Vehicle Interagency Working Group (ZEVIWG) invites the public to join its meeting on May 17 to share progress towards the Governor’s Executive Order 17-21, which focuses on tackling cost, infrastructure, and information gaps in order to help accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. 

At the meeting, the ZEVIWG will:

  • Share information and hear feedback on its progress toward the Directives in the Governor’s Executive Order No. 17-21.

  • Hear about your work on EV adoption and awareness in your communities and organizations, especially where your work aligns with the activities of the ZEVIWG.

  • Work with you to identify and consider ways to address barriers to equitable, widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Oregon.

If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please feel free to submit comments, questions, and your community or organization's EV-related milestones by email to We look forward to your participation and input.

ZEVIWG Public Meeting
Friday, May 17, 2019  |  10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Portland State Office Building
Conference Room 1A
800 NE Oregon Street
Portland, OR 97232
Meeting Announcement  |  Agenda

If you need special accommodations to participate in the meeting, please contact Linda Ross at 503-378-6874 or at at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


About the ZEVIWG 

The Governor's EO 17-21 also established the ZEVIWG, an interagency group including the Oregon Department of Energy, Department of Administrative Services, Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Transportation, and Public Utility Commission, tasked with implementing the EO and meeting the Governor’s 50K by 2020 goal.

Learn more about the ZEVIWG


Oregon Inches Closer to 50,000 EV Goal

Oregon moved a little closer to its goal to have 50,000 registered electric vehicles on our roads by the end of 2020.

As of June 30, 2018, we have 18,901 registered EVs! Even better, we added more charging options, with 1,272 public chargers in 528 locations statewide.

If you’re in the market for a new ride, it’s a great time to make the switch to an EV. Federal, state, and local incentives could help you save a third — or more — of the cost of a new electric vehicle.

Not sure if you’re ready to make the switch? Check out this helpful info to help you decide.

Oregon Signs On to Nine-State Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plan
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Nine states, including Oregon, have signed on to a Multi-State Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plan, which outlines recommendations that states and electric vehicle partners can take to boost EV adoption and support charging infrastructure across the country.

Oregon’s goal is to have at least 50,000 registered electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on our roads by 2020.

Help us get there!

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