Charge at Home


Cross "get gas" off your errand list.

Electric vehicles are fueled by the same mix of electricity that charges your cell phone or laptop. In Oregon, that means a combination of renewable resources, including hydroelectric and wind power, and fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.

Most Oregonians with an electric vehicle charge their batteries at home. In fact, the Oregon Department of Energy estimates that more than 80 percent of EV charging occurs at home, mostly at night when demand for electricity is less. Are you a renter? Talk to your property manager about access to an outdoor outlet.


Yellow Regular Outlet.png

Regular outlet

You already have an electric vehicle charger at home: it’s a regular dedicated wall outlet. Depending on the size of your battery, it can take 10 to 15 hours to fully charge.

Pink 240V Outlet.png

240-Volt "Dryer" Outlet

You can also use an adapter to plug your vehicle into a 240-volt outlet, commonly used for appliances like a clothes dryer. Depending on your vehicle, a full charge will take four to 12 hours to charge.

Teal Charger Installed.png

Home EV Charger

Several manufacturers offer permanently-installed home charging systems for EVs. Many of them are also 240-volt systems, so they should take four to 12 hours to fully charge your vehicle. 


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