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From luxury to economy, hatchbacks to SUVs, there’s a plug-in electric vehicle for everyone. Dozens of options are available to Oregon consumers today, and auto makers anticipate introducing even more models in the coming years.

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Check out Forth's Drive Finder – answer a few questions about your driving habits, travel needs, budget, and charging capabilities, and Forth will recommend models that could fit for you! 

The U.S. Department of Energy also has a handy drive finder. Choose the class of car you're looking for (van, SUV, compact) and select the minimum number of miles you'd like on a charge.

Are you looking to switch your business or organization fleet to electric? Check out these helpful resources.

Take a Test Drive

Curious about how electric vehicles drive? Get behind the wheel! Electric models are available at dealers across the state. Manufacturers and dealers also hold special events to showcase electric cars, such as the Portland International Auto Show each January and National Drive Electric Week each September.

Forth can also set you up with a no-pressure (non-salesperson) test drive. Forth has EVs on hand at their Electric Showcase in Portland to test out – they will even let you "rent" it out for a weekend. If they don't have the model you're looking for, let them know. They may be able to borrow a vehicle from a local dealership. 

Save Money

In addition to the cost savings you'll get from driving an EV, there are also tax and rebate incentives that could save you thousands on your purchase of an EV.

Oil prices – and therefore gas prices – are highly volatile. Most Oregon families spend 4-8 percent of their income on transportation fuel, so rising gas prices can have a big affect on a family's budget. Electricity rates in Oregon are much more stable – and those rates are approved by oversight bodies like boards or commissions.

What's Next

In just the past year, the electric vehicle market saw a new electric-gasoline minivan, an expansion in the number of plug-in SUVs, and an ever-increasing number of sporty sedans. Coming to the market over the next few years: light-duty electric trucks, an updated camper to meet your electric #vanlife needs, and more and more cars with 200-plus mile ranges. Even better: as batteries get cheaper and better, market observers predict that soon there will be no difference in the sticker price of an electric car and a tradition internal combustion engine.

Getting to Know EVs + PHEVs

Oregon’s car market is full of electric options.

All-electric vehicles, known as EVs, are powered completely by electricity. You fuel the car by charging it at home with an outlet or on the go at a charging station. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles work the same way – they have a battery-powered engine for shorter ranges, and an internal combustion engine for longer ranges. Many people who buy a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle are able to use only their electric engine for the bulk of their daily driving.

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