Info For Utilities


Utility companies are helping to lead the electric vehicle revolution by providing the fuel that keeps EVs running. Here are some resources to help utilities across Oregon continue to serve their customers’ needs.

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Did you know?

If you purchase an electric vehicle and plan to charge at home, your utility will appreciate hearing about it.

As more Oregonians make the switch to electric vehicles, local utilities can evolve their power resource plans to expect an increase in energy use at night – when you are unplugged but your car is plugged in.


Hosting an event where Oregonians can take an electric vehicle out for a test drive? Drop us a line so we can spread the word.

Clean Fuels Program

This program, administered by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, allows utilities to sign up for and get credits for EV charging that takes place in their service area. The DEQ programs site includes information specifically for electric utilities. DEQ has also hosted workshops for utilities interested in learning more about how they can qualify for credits.


Resources for Distribution Planning

More EVs means more load on a utility’s system. The Oregon Department of Energy and Oregon Department of Transportation are working together to make data available on electric vehicle purchases to help utilities with their distribution planning. Contact us for more information.


EV Infrastructure

The State of Oregon is working on new EV infrastructure on a variety of fronts, from charging stations on state-owned property to engagement with Volkswagen and Electrify America on how settlement funds are being used to develop charging infrastructure across the state. Contact us for more information.


oregon clean vehicle Rebate program

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has a new rebate program for the purchase of certain EVs, including battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The different rebates include options for new, leased, or used electric vehicles, with provisions to support EV adoption by low- or moderate-income families. Utilities are welcome to share information about the state program with their customers and promote alongside their utility-specific EV rebate programs.