EV Champions

Big goals need strong supporters.

We’re celebrating individuals and businesses that are helping Oregon meet our goal to have 50,000 registered electric vehicles on our roads by 2020.

EVs are cool and fun to drive. But any new technology depends on the early adopters – the people who share a vision and want to help make change. To us, they’re champions, because all of Oregon wins when we transition to a cleaner transportation system.

To celebrate these contributions, later this year we’ll announce a new “Governor’s Award” recognition program. The program will honor auto dealers who help Oregonians make the switch from internal combustion engines to electric and businesses and organizations that support EV adoption through charging infrastructure and fleet conversion.

In the meantime, we’d love to share your EV success stories. Do you know someone who's making a difference with EV adoption or charging infrastructure?

Nominations for 2019 awards will close on May 28.